Enlightenment and dissemination of information

Bird watching trip, 2010.
Bird watching trip, 2010. Photo: Riina Kaisa Laitila.

Dissemination of information and environmental enlightenment are actively done by the cooperation partners. Different materials for our target groups are continously developed and published, i.e. jigsaw puzzle Pasvik-Inari Trilateral Park, Birds of Pasvik memory game, Green Belt Fennoscandia board game and Pasvik -venue for meeting booklet among others.


Rajakoski Environmental School - Pasvik Zapovednik

Rajakoski environmental school in Russia arranges annually numerous camps for school children and happenings for local residents.

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Phenology of the North Calotte - school network

The school network, Phenology of the North Calotte, driven by Bioforsk Svanhovd, also gathers school children and teachers from all three countries for annual environmental camps.

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Annual bird watching

Since 2010, annually in the beginning of June local partners of the Pasvik-Inari Trilateral Park have arranged bird watching trips for local residents. You find the lists of joint observations below.

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Bird tourism.
Bird tourism. Photo: Bioforsk Svanhovd/Pasvik-Inari.
Young researchers at Rajakoski environmental school.
Young researchers at Rajakoski environmental school. Photo: Pasvik Zapovednik/Pasvik-Inari.
Drawing of Brown Bear.
Drawing of Brown Bear. Photo: Anna Ushakova/Pasvik Zapovednik.